Please note that some of the volunteer chairs info is being updated. If you are interested in volunteering please come to signup meeting Wed Aug 26 at 8:30am. 

Commitment to quality education is paramount at Lanai Road – we rely on the donation of time and resources by parents, teachers, staff, neighbors and our partners in the community to make Lanai the envy of all schools, and our kids – and the kids to follow – the beneficiaries of our community’s involvement in their education.


All LAUSD volunteers must complete a School Volunteer Application before coming into the classroom. Tuberculosis (TB) clearance must be on file and take place within a six-month period prior to beginning a volunteer assignment,TB tests are good for 4 years.  Fill out pg 8 yourself and 10 (by a physician) and turn into the Parent Center Coordinator Lisa Reeve. Once received, your completed application and TB test will be submitted to the LAUSD Parent Community Service Branch (PCSB).

A few things:

  • Discipline is the teacher’s responsibility.
  • All student work and behavior is confidential.
  • Children who are not enrolled at the school or the class you volunteering in are not allowed in that classroom, they are welcome, if supervised, in the family center.
  • Please inform the teacher if you are unable to volunteer at your assigned time so they can plan accordingly

For safety and emergency all visitors MUST sign in the office, on either the visitor or volunteer log, if you enter the premises between 8:15 am and 2:30 pm. You must wear a yellow visitor badge and sign OUT when you leave campus.  If your name is listed as being on campus you will be part of the list of people that are searched for in case of an emergency, so please sign out.  You are welcome to come on campus after 2:30 pm to pick up their child. You may remain in the area by the lunch tables or in Room 3 the Family Center so as not to disturb the classrooms.

Art Docent Program

If you have a few hours a month to help in your child’s classroom, the Art Docent Program may be for you!

The Art Docent Program is run solely by parent volunteers who commit to working in the classroom on a bi-weekly basis.  Using a scripted program, your children will be introduced to famous artists and enjoy hands-on studio art projects.  They will learn to recognize artistic elements, become better observers, and expand their vocabulary as they gain a lasting appreciation of art!  While our program requires an interest in fine arts, you need not to be an artist to apply.  This is a rewarding opportunity to work in the classroom in a creative learning capacity. We supply the paint brushes, just bring your enthusiasm!

We are always in need of additional volunteers to help out with general maintenance in the Art Docent area. This involves sorting and maintenance of art materials and assisting our Docent Coordinators with their lesson plans on your own schedule.  

Birthday Book Club

During the month of their child’s birthday, families can celebrate by dedicating a book in their child’s honor at Lanai’s Wonder of Reading Library. Books with birthday dedications will be on display in the Library. This is a fun, easy fundraiser that volunteers can coordinate from home. Volunteers are needed to copy and mail out birthday book dedication forms, typing up labels and placing them in the books, keeping the display in the Library orderly and writing thank you notes to the families who wish to be part of this program.

Book Clubs

Each classroom needs at least one parent to coordinate a Book Club. Book Club is a wonderful, easy and fun volunteer opportunity. It is also a great way to spend time with your child and his/her classmates. Book Club parent volunteers can schedule Book Club meetings at a convenient time to fit their schedule. The Book Club meeting can be during lunch, after school, or on a weekend – whatever works best for the parent volunteer ad the class. The meeting usually lasts one hour. Book Club can meet once a month or every other month. Book club volunteers have a wide variety of books to choose from and discussion material and activity material can be found for most books on the Lanai website. For any books that don’t have discussion or activity material, the parent volunteer can simply email the Book Club Chair Kim Gohata at kimgohata@me.com for ideas and that information will be provided in a timely manner. Most importantly, children love attending Book Clubs because it is an opportunity for them to experience books outside of a classroom setting. Book Clubs are a great way to instill a love of reading for children.

Campus Gardening & Landscape

Volunteers are needed to help keep our campus beautiful. There are 10-15 minute watering jobs near or around your child's classroom, (frequency depends on the weather). We are also planning on updating our library outdoor furniture and plantings. Your new ideas to help keep our campus beautiful are welcome. Time commitment is based on what works in your schedule and can be done before or after school hours, if needed.

Character Counts


Community Events

Open Mic Nights, Movie Nights, Social gatherings... Come help our Curriculum Enhancement Community representatives and plan some fun and easy get togethers for Lanai families!

Corporate Sponsors

This committee is part of our campaign to stave off potential LAUSD budget cuts and loss of funding.  This committee works with neighborhood businesses and other potential sponsors to secure funding for Lanai and build relationships with businesses.  Background in sales, marketing or relationship development is helpful but not necessary.  Expect to manage one corporate sponsor and solicit a small list of new potential donors.  Majority of work can be done from home by computer/email.  Time commitment varies: less than 1 hour per week. 

Dads Needed!

Lifting, pulling, hammering, doing... Lend a hand or two.  Whatever your skill we need you!


Everyone Learns About Cultures

Lanai's English Learners Advisory Committee works to involve the entire school community promoting Multicultural learning, appreciation & tolerance. 

  1. Parents participate in the development and evaluation of our school's program for  students who are English Learners.  They advise Lanai's School Site Council on how English Learner resources are spent.

  2. Lanai's ELAC committee also sponsors and coordinates several Multicultural Events during the school year.  These volunteer-run events are a fun way for our students to gain global awareness and an appreciation of our diverse community.  Past events have included Persian New Year, Filipino Day, African American Culture Day, Russian Culture Day, and Diversity Day. 

ALL ARE WELCOME!  Bring your own creative cultural ideas and help us organize "mini" multicultural events for the students

Committee Requirements: Interest in promoting multicultural learning, appreciation & tolerance at Lanai Road School. Attend monthly District ELAC meetings (Chair or Co-Chair only) Attend monthly Lanai ELAC meetings    Help plan Multicultural events

EAC Education Action Committee

Advocate for students, families and teachers.  Interested in education reform?  This non-partisan committee is developing projects that will potentially lead to improving our nation's current public education system.  We are actively networking and collaborating with other schools and organizations. Last year the EAC worked with Lanai teachers who received Reduction In Force (RIF) notices; conducted several letter-writing campaigns to LAUSD and government officials; wrote articles for publication, met with community leaders, researched ballot initiatives, pending legislation, and judicial decisions related to education reform. The EAC hosts quarterly Wine & Cheese meetings to promote networking and discussion. If you have experience or interest in public relations, journalism, law, politics or public policy, or know people who are active in parent organizations at local public schools, we need you! Even if you're just interested in seeing changes and learning more, consider attending our first Wine & Cheese event (TBD- October 2013.)

Fifth Grade Culmination & Matriculation

Volunteers are involved in coordinating all 5thgrade graduation activities. They will assist in the planning and implementation of the special eventsfor our graduating Class of 2013. These volunteer positions are reserved for 5th grade parents only.

Garden Program

Grant Seeking

This committee is part of our campaign to stave off potential LAUSD budget cuts and loss of funding.  Background in grant writing is helpful but not necessary.  Expect to submit a minimum of one grant application in the upcoming year and/or conduct internet research to identify potential grant sources to fund our many programs. Most grants do have deadline commitments; however, some projects are available with "soft" deadlines. This committee works closely with school staff, administration, and PTA Curriculum Enhancement Chair. Time commitment varies: when submitting a grant, expect to spend 8 to 12 hours on project planning, meeting with staff and volunteers, and writing; thereafter 2 to 4 hours per month conducting internet searches, and follow up tasks if your project is funded. Majority of work done at home.

Harvest of the Month Tasting

Healthier food choices and nutrition education are the hallmark of Lanai’s Health is Important (HIP) Program. We are seeking volunteers to help out with one or more of the following projects:

  • Assist at the student self-serve salad bar Wednesdays from 11:30 am – 12:15 pm. This can be done as your availability allows – from one time to every Wednesday!
  • Organize, promote and serve “Harvest of the Month” fresh produce and healthy-recipe taste tests to all students, requiring 1.5 hours of time per month.
  • Work with LAUSD and state representatives to monitor and support school nutrition-related legislation
  • Link with local farmers’ markets and Lanai’s school garden
  • In conjunction with corporate sponsorship and grant writing committees, seek out health or fitness related sponsorship and grant opportunities for HIP

Lanai Leader

An Advertising Manager (soliciting and tracking non-corporate ads for the paper; Lisa Liss will train them and they will need to take over for her fully by end of the school year)

A Co-Editor (proofing layout and articles; helping solicit articles; working with Jill to review and vet topics; helping create content for kids' corner)(Taking over for Bree starting immediately)

Writers and photographers - always eager for submissions. If you have an idea for a story, contact the Editor in Chief - Jill Dickerson (Jill.dickerson@me.com or 818-636-3113).


A student motivated spring fundraiser in coordination with the PE coach, which is held in the schoolyard. Students raise pledge money and complete their designated laps during the event, which takes place over two days - May 9th & 10th, 2013, during school hours. Volunteers are needed for the 2 day event to assist with organizing classroom t-shirts, hand out medals, water and snacks, and to cheer the kids on!

Literacy Fair

Join our team!  Our library is growing and busy, and we need your help! Come to the library during any regularly scheduled weekly time slot (it can be as short as an hour, or as long as three hours), and you can do the following:-Help our students choose books; -Read with our students; -Help our library aide with shelving, organizing, and displaying books, and -Help our library aide check books in/out.

Why not sign up with a friend?  If you love going to the library, this is your opportunity to carve out a place at Lanai's Wonder of Reading Library! 

Bookfair Lanai's Book Fair is Back!   Our four day book fair was very popular (and profitable!) last year, and we can't wait to do it again!  The book fair will be November 19-22 this year, just in time for holiday shopping! We need volunteers for sales, cashier work, book organization, set up, and take down.  If you love books and want to help Lanai earn money for more library books, this is the job for you!

Literacy Fair We are looking for volunteers to help at our annual Literacy Fair in the March, which coincides with Dr. Seuss’s birthday. The Literacy Fair designed to celebrate all of the joys of reading through interactive games, activities, stories, and possibly even a visit from a published author.  Volunteers would help ensure that various Literacy Fair activities run smoothly throughout the day for our children. 

Lost & Found

Help us find our way back home!  Volunteers are needed twice a week (Monday/Thursday, at your convenience) to collect & organize the sweaters, jackets and lunchboxes left lying around our entire campus. Also help with bagging the lost and NOT found items three times per year for donation. Can be one person or several who work together to lighten the load.

Open House

Open House takes place on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 from 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm. Volunteers are needed to assist with set-up, serving food, and clean up for this event.

Parent Buddy Program

When you were a new parent, didn’t you wish you had an experienced “old timer” parent to guide you and your family through your first few weeks at Lanai?  Well, here’s your chance to be that parent to a new family next August. You’ll be assigned a group of parents (in the grade level your child will complete this year), to whom you’ll be a mentor through the first few weeks of the school year.  Your role as support person and general “hand holder” to your adopted families during this somewhat confusing time will be invaluable to them and to your school.  Time commitment: a sincere effort to attend as many PTA/FOLB Team Lanai meetings this year so you can stay informed about Lanai and be a truly useful resource for your new families come August.  The majority of time will be spent in the months of August and September (usually until Back to School Night) interfacing with your families.

Purchase Power

PURCHASE POWER involves organizing, promoting, and expanding our programs with retail partners who give a percentage of their sales back to our school (i.e. Ralphs, Target, Office Depot).  Purchase Power Pages, consists of listing local businesses for Lanai families in The Lanai Leader and on-line. Local businesses are encouraged to sign up in order to be listed in Lanai’s Purchase Power Pages for a small fee. Help is needed in researching and soliciting potential retailers, recruiting families to sign up, and maintaining databases.  EASY WORK TO DO AT HOME, AT NIGHT!

Recycle The Vote

Three times a year we have a "Recycle the Vote" competition in which the student "vote" by using recyclable plastic bottles and containers.  In the past, the students have voted about which was their favorite solo artist or band.  On the Friday the vote is finalized, that band plays during lunch recess for the whole school.  We need help coordinating these events.  Time commitment is VERY minimal- about one week, three times a year.

Recycle for Charity

This event will take place in the spring, after Spring Break allowing folks to do spring cleaning & then donate to charity. A percentage of the proceeds will go to Lanai Road. It is a win-win!!! Clean out your closets, garage, give to others & get a tax deduction as well! Help is needed with collections and advertising.

The actual date TBD- Most likely April 23rd-26th

Reflections Program

Reflections is a national PTA arts program that encourages students to create and submit works of art around a theme in six areas:  dance choreography, film production, literature, musical composition, photography, and the visual arts.   This year the theme for the program is "Dream, Believe, Inspire"  Lanai students compete for school level awards, with top entries being submitted to the next PTA regional judging level and possibly on to nationals.

Volunteers are need for 6 hours minimum per week for a few weeks between mid-September-November.  The volunteer time will be on-and-off campus as your schedule accommodates.  Tasks included, but are not limited to, promoting the "out-of-class" activity, accepting submissions, ensuring that submission forms are completed and accurate, judge recruitment, setting up gallery of submissions and awards, and ensuring that works of art that make it to each round are tracked and properly submitted.

Room Parents & Volunteer Coordinators

Room parents support the classroom and teacher in a variety of ways: collecting and tracking classroom funds from parents for classroom spending, communicating with the teacher and parents regarding field trips and class parties, coordinating morning drop off schedule for parents, organizing classroom volunteers as requested by the teacher, attending monthly PTA meetings, and more.

Salad Bar

Science Explosion Days

Twice a year, parent volunteers bring hands-on science to the entire school! No science background required or needed - just enthusiasm and a willingness to help facilitate experiments with the students!  We will teach you all that you need to know.  In the spring, science volunteers serve as docents at our Earth Day Recycled Art Museum (all students are invited to participate in this wonderful event). Please sign up to learn more and we'll e-mail you the details of our events throughout the year!  Our first Science Explosion Day is scheduled for Friday, September 27th.

Spirit Wear

Spirit Wear is the sale of clothing and accessories with the Lanai logo. Volunteers are needed throughout the school year for the following duties: taking of inventory, filling orders, delivering orders, and inventory reduction sales.

Spooktacular Carnival

Do you like decorating for the holidays or bringing out your creative side?  Help us transform Lanai into a Halloween playground for this years Spooktacular carnival.  We need help hanging and making decorations, putting out balloons, covering tables, putting up spider webs, etc.  For decorations just one or two days required.  Friday, October 18th and Saturday, October 20th, times are flexible."  If you would like to help with the Arts & Crafts preparation or help run a craft on the day of the event, we are looking for anyone who enjoys doing crafts and working with kids!  This would be for Saturday, October 19th and Sunday, October 20th all day.

The Publicity Committee of Spooktacular is looking for volunteers to help publicize the carnival in a variety of ways.

People who live in high-traffic areas that are willing to put a lawn sign at their house.

5 large banners need to be hung at pre-determined locations (TBD), the week of September 30th. 1-2 hours of time and lots of fun!
Great for two people who want to work together.

People who can help distribute carnival flyers to retail locations during the week of September 30th. Time commitment is approximately 1-2 hours.


Spring Gala & Auction

We need your help to make the Lanai Spring Auction and Gala a success!! On March 12, 2016, the fundraiser will be held at Sportmen's Lodge in Studio City. There are many volunteer positions available so you can join this fun team!

Inputters are needed to enter the donations into the computer database. This is a great opportunity to preview the items before they go up for auction and a job that can be done from home at your convenience.

Solicitors are needed to secure donations from previous donors as well as seeking new donations. If you have contacts that can donate sports or concerts tickets, hotel stays, gift certificates and/or unique experiences, we need you!

Wrappers are needed to package and wrap the donated items to display at the event.

Party planning and décor: This group of volunteers creates the scene for the party. If you are creative this is a great volunteer opportunity. Volunteers are also needed on March 12, 2016, to set up and break down the event.

Pick-a-Ticket and Accessory sales: From March 7-11th, we need volunteers to sell raffle tickets and accessories for the event. Shifts start 30 minutes before dismissal and last approximately one hour.

We hope you join the auction and gala team in planning this event! If you have any questions, please email Michelle Siembieda at mashapley@yahoo.com.

TK & Kinder PE Helpers

Volunteers will work with Coach P.J. on Friday mornings during DK/Kindergarten grade-level P.E.  Assist students through an "activity course"-- some students require hands-on demonstrations and assistance, other students need direction to help prevent "bottlenecks" and to keep the students moving through the course.  Arrive on the big yard at 8:15 and Coach P.J. will assign you to your activity "station."  It's just one hour of your time!  Sign up once, or multiple times.  We hope for at least ten volunteers each week.

Talent Show

Come Participate in this very fun event!! Volunteers will be needed to help with stage managing, rehearsals, hair, make-up, signs & banners, tickets, bake sale and more.Talent show tryouts will be (W-F) Dec 11, 12 & 13. Late entry tryouts will take place December 18th-20th. All tryouts will happen before the holiday break.The actual event will take place on Saturday, February 8, 2014.

This is super FUN!  The kids love it & they get so much out of it- confidence,  self- esteem, they encourage others & receive it in return. The feeling of accomplishment………The joy of performing………….

I welcome ANY & ALL help with The 9th Annual Talent Show!

Teacher & Staff Appreciation/Hospitality

We are looking for some strong volunteers to reinforce our "character counts" program by helping teach our children the 6 pillars of character. Our Character Counts curriculum will be taught monthly at our grade level assemblies beginning in November (with the exception of January), ending in May. All character activities take place on Wednesdays. The curriculum has already been approved by the school and are based on the 6 pillars of character.  Then, half way through that month a lesson will be offered during morning recess to remind and reinforce what was taught at the assembly.  We need volunteers to help run those activities. We are also looking for volunteers to possibly aide the docents and/or perform short skits during the assemblies and for those of you who don't like performing on stage, we are looking for volunteers to help with copying, preparing activity materials and follow up booklets for all classes TK-3.  It is a super fun way to get involved, meet a lot of children and teachers and participate in the character education of your child.

Team Green

Team Lanai Cares Community Education & Service

The Hut

Volunteers needed every Tuesday, from 12:45 to 2:30 p.m. to set up, sell items, and clean up Lanai’s weekly snack and supply sales stand.  The Hut opens for business at the end of the school day on Tuesdays, and sells school supplies, snacks, water, popsicles and other goodies.  Approximately four volunteers are needed each week.   It’s a great way to get involved and see the happy smiling faces on the children, as they walk away with an after school treat!

Traffic and Safety

Traffic monitors for our Morning Drop Off Program are provided by volunteers through a classroom rotation. Your room parent will contact you when it is your classroom’s week. However,extra volunteers are always needed. If you can’t come for drop off, you can help by contacting room parents by phone to remind them of their upcoming week. If you have any Traffic and School Safety interests, please sign up. Remember, Safety First!! *_ Morning drop off is from 7:45 am – 8:25 am_.

Need 4-5 volunteers to do an emergency backpack check in early December (must be done on campus, during school hours, but days and times are flexible). With supervision and guidance, of course!



Working Parents Chair

Help compile a list of Lanai families who are interested in being informed of volunteer opportunities that accommodate a full or part-time working parents' schedule. Throughout the year, you will stay in touch with working parents and notify them of the various events that have been planned with their schedules in mind (i.e. evening or weekend meetings/programs).  


Volunteers needed throughout the year to help with picture taking at school events and help assemble pages for the student year book. Each grade level will have their own photographers to capture all of these truly special events.