Supervision of students begins at 7:50am.  Students arriving 7:30-7:50am must wait seated quietly in the auditorium.  Do not drop off children before7:30am.  Students may be dropped off between 7:50am and 8:15am using the drive-through drop off lane.  If your child needs a "Kinder Walker" please let the adult volunteer know.  If a Kinder Walker is available (7:50-8:10am only, grade 5 student volunteers), they will escort your Kinder child to the upper yard.  Your child must be comfortable going to the upper yard on their own in the event Kinder Walkers are not available.  Adult volunteers cannot leave the drive-through drop off to escort your child.

Please follow the direction of the drop-off volunteers in the school driveway.Courtesy towards volunteers is expected at all times. (Volunteers are always needed.) Your children are watching. Breaking the rules and failure to follow directions is not only dangerous, but will result in a revocation of your privilege to drive on school property.

Please pull forward to the first volunteer before dropping off your child. Your child should have all materials ready and kisses given before entering the school driveway. Children may only exit on the curb side. There is no backing up or pulling out of the line up.

Do not enter the driveway if you intend to park and walk your child into school. Parking is safest on Hayvenhurst Drive, south of the school.

Only staff may park in the school parking lot.

Place your child’s belongings in the car (on seats or floor), not the trunk.
Turn off cell phone.
Enter campus from Southbound Lanai Road only. Keep to the right so through traffic may pass on the street. Stay to the right of the orange cones as you enter the driveway and throughout the drop-off zone.
Follow traffic monitor instructions.
Put your car in park or put on emergency brake when children are exiting.
Stay in your car.A traffic monitor will assist your child out of your car. Traffic monitors can also get backpacks, lunchboxes, instruments, etc. out of your car.
Drive slowly. Watch for merging traffic to your left as you exit the drop-off zone.
Check for oncoming traffic on Lanai Road before exiting. Traffic monitor at exit is responsible for controlling pedestrian traffic only, not automobile traffic.
Provide a good example for your child – always follow the rules and be courteous to volunteers, staff, neighbors and other parents.
Arrive by 8:10am to allow time to go through the line and for your child to get to their class line on the yard. School starts at 8:15am.
Make sure your child is comfortable walking up to their class line on the yard alone. There may be 5th grade students to assist Kinder children, at times, but they are not available after 8:10am and they may not be available every day.
Do not use cell phone while in the drop off line.
Do not open driver door or exit car at any time.
Do not block crosswalks.
Do not have dogs in your car. Dogs are not allowed on campus, even in cars.
Do not ask traffic monitors to take your packages onto campus. Monitors may unload your packages and leave them at the front steps; you can then park legally on the street and walk back to school to carry your items in.
Do not drop off your child before volunteers arrive (7:50am) or after service has concluded (8:20am). Park legally and walk your child to the office if you arrive late.


Do not double park and call your child into the street. Take the time to keep all of our children safe. All kindergarten students must be picked up by a designated adult from their teacher. You are encouraged to pick up students in 2nd through 5th grade after 3:00 p.m. in order to ease the traffic jam at dismissal. Students may wait at the lunch tables during this time or you may instruct them to play on the yard until 3:00 p.m. At 3:05 p.m. all children still waiting to be picked up will be directed to the upper playground for supervision. Also, please see P.A.W.S.


We are asking all Lanai parents to make a special effort to enhance the safety of our children in the afternoon. Our program is called PAWS (Park and Walk for Safety.) It may take an extra 5 or 10 minutes per day, but when you Park and Walk, you help ensure the safety of all of our children. So, please, take five or ten minutes each day to park legally and walk safely. Put aside your worries about getting to the doctor, soccer or baseball practice, the ballet lesson, etc., and help set an example that our children will remember and learn from. When you participate in the PAWS Program, you make a contribution to the school in the time you give when safely picking up your child. Unless it is absolutely imperative, please pick up your 2nd through 5th graders after 3:00pm when congestion has cleared. If you must pick up your child when school is letting out, we are urging you to park on the surrounding streets where it is legal to do so and walk in to get your child. Park and Walk.

Safety & Consideration

As we begin the new school year, please remind your children about safety issues. Remind your children not to talk to strangers. The Los Angeles Police Department has instituted a video program in school neighborhoods. They will cite people who violate traffic and parking laws around the school. Please follow the law and avoid a ticket. Please be respectful to our neighbors.

Enter Lanai driveway driving from Southbound Lanai Road. Do not turn left into driveway from Northbound Lanai Road.
Park And Walk Safely (PAWS) – You may park legally on surrounding neighborhood streets and walk your child to and from campus. Suggested streets are Hayvenhurst Drive, Bosque Drive and the West side of Lanai Road. Do not park on Marbro Street – Parking by permit only between 7am and 4pm.
Watch out for pedestrians. Many children and parents are moving about before school begins and after dismissal.
Provide a good example for your child – always follow the rules!
Do not park in front of the driveway gate at any time, for any reason. The driveway entry gate is an emergency entrance for fire, police and other emergency services The entry gate is locked prior to school dismissal for the safety of children crossing the driveway. If you have a special need to enter the driveway (e.g. to drop off a heavy load or for handicap access), please call the school office to request that a staff member open the gate upon your arrival.
Do not turn left into school driveway from Northbound Lanai Road.
Do not park on any red curb.
Do not double park. Do not ask your child to walk between parked cars to your car.
Do not drive or walk up the exit ramp.
Do not block or park in residential or other driveways, make u-turns in neighbors’ driveways, move neighbors’ trash cans or in any other way be inconsiderate to our neighbors.
Do not park in campus parking lots during school hours. They are for staff only.
Do not make U-Turns or park in the Holy Spirit Center across Lanai Road from the school. Holy Spirit Center is private property.