Submission Guidelines


We did a lot of outreach last year and still heard that parents missed information about an event or deadline.

This year we will try to make it easier to find event information through our site's internal search with less pdf's and more searchable text.

Please use the forms below to submit your materials in time for formating and review by Mr Hansen.


Less PDFs

PDF's are great for printing documents, but reading them online is a poor experience,the information inside them is often invisible to search, and the format is a security risk.

More Searchable Text

Keeping your information as text on the website makes it discoverable by search. Parents can google it anywhere and see it on any device that's handy



Your Options


Backpack News

Deadline for submissions is Wednesday noon.

Sent out every Friday in paper form and as an email.

For submissions, send an email to with the subject NEWS: plus the name of the event. Example: NEWS: SPOOKTACULAR

We require a roughly 50 word or 300 character blurb that describes the event.

Send any additional information (pictures, flyers, etc.) as an attachment in the email.

Image Banners

Deadline for submissions is Wednesday noon.

An image can make your event stand out and say more than 50 words. It can be added beside your blurb in the e-newsletter or featured on the home page slideshow.

Download the sample image below to get the right size: 1500x500 pixels. For graphics use png format. For photos use jpg with a medium compression quality. Need additional info? Look at this brief slide doc for some design tips.

Send your pictures to

DOWNLOAD A Sample Image

Click, DON't RIGHT CLICK! to download this 1500x500 pixel  template.

Click, DON't RIGHT CLICK! to download this 1500x500 pixel  template.

Web Page

Lead time: 1 week.

For a bigger event, a webpage can host an online signup, photos, or videos amongst others.

Follow the same requirements for pictures as the banner images.

Your text will be seen on a variety of devices from phones to desktops that are different sizes than a standard piece of paper. We will need a spell-checked, unformated version of your future page's text. Further guidelines are included in the form below.