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Lanai’s Science Program runs throughout the year and is based on the California Standards in Science Curriculum.  Friends of Lanai Booster funds a fabulous science teacher, Mrs. Jennifer Wexler, who leads experiments in Lanai’s science laboratory, in the classrooms and assists teachers by providing requested materials.

The Science Program overlaps with the Garden Program and the Health Is Important Program (HIP), all of which are integrated into our school’s curriculum. We strive to have each grade level and classroom visit the science lab at least once a week.  

In addition to California Standards in Science Curriculum, Lanai volunteers execute “Science Explosion Days” throughout the year.  Explosion Days provide students with hands-on, fun and educational science learning opportunities.  

The success of the Science Program is dependent upon good communication and cooperation between the science teacher, classroom teachers and volunteers.  

If you are interested in becoming a science volunteer or you have materials, supplies, research books or children’s experiments that you would like to donate, please contact Julie Weinstein at