Attendance, Absences, & Tardiness

Your child’s daily attendance at school every day is very important to his/her educational development. California law requires every child of school age to attend school on time unless ill. When a student is absent, he or she must present a written note from his/her parent which explains the cause of absence. The office provides an absence form which may be used in place of a note. Your child cannot learn if he/she is not in school. Children arriving late will be marked late in the office when the 8:15 a.m. bell rings. 5 or more tardies will result in a score of “2” on the student’s report card for responsibility. 10 or more tardies will result in a score of “1” on the report card. Students here at Lanai on permit who cannot arrive on time should return to their home school. You will be contacted by the Attendance Counselor or an administrator if your child is repeatedly tardy. When your child is tardy they miss the most important part of the instructional day and disrupt the continuity of the teacher’s classroom program. Please ensure your child is on time every day!

Back Packs (TK)

TK students should not have a rolling back pack since they don't fit in the cubbies

Dress Code

Children who dress for success do better in school. We encourage all students to participate in the Lanai Road School Outfit program (please see “School Outfits”). Parents may opt out of this program, but otherwise all students are expected to comply. Students should come to school neat and clean and ready to learn and play vigorously. Gang attire, hats or shirts with various logos, long belts and baggy pants are not permitted at school. The wearing of earrings, a potential safety hazard, is discouraged. Dangling earrings and hoop earrings are not permitted for safety reasons. Open-toed sandals or open-back shoes are not permitted. Roller shoes are not permitted. Shoes with heels that impede a student’s ability to run are not permitted. Sport-type shoes which allow full participation in physical education activities are recommended. Hip-hugger or below the waist jeans are not permitted. Halter tops, tank top or tops with spaghetti straps are not permitted. Tops that expose the midriff are not permitted. Tops that have sexually explicit, suggestive or derogatory/inflammatory phrases are not permitted. Please help us to enforce our dress code. You will be called immediately if your child is not appropriately dressed. If we cannot reach you, your child will be given a shirt to cover their clothing. DRESS CODE FLYER

Games & Toys

Games and toys from home are not part of the instructional program. Yu Gi Oh cards, trading cards, iPods, Walkmans, pagers, GameBoys, laser pointers and other electronic games and items are prohibited for safety and instructional continuity reasons. They will be confiscated and may be picked up by a legal guardian or parent.


Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday in all classes, and occasionally on Fridays and weekends. If your child tells you that he does not have homework, please speak to the teacher. You can assist your child in acquiring good homework habits by encouraging your child to do his/her work daily, providing a time and a quiet place to do the homework, and teaching him/her how to care for books and materials.

Suggested Homework Guidelines: Kindergarten . . . . . . *15-20 min. per day *Grades 1-2 . . . . . . 30-35 min. per day Grades 3-4 . . . . . . 35-45 min. per day Grade 5 . . . . . . 50-60 min. per day Accelerated Reader Book List by TitleAccelerated Reader Book List by Reading LevelBasic Addition WorksheetBasic Subtraction WorksheetBasic Multiplication WorksheetBasic Division Worksheet

Internet & Computer Policy

Students may not load, alter, delete, hack or otherwise make changes to any aspect of school technology. Teachers will send home a separate internet permission slip. Acceptable Use Policy for Computer Systems

Release of Pupils During School Hours

Children are not permitted to leave the grounds during the school day unless they are signed out at the office by an authorized adult. Students will not be released unless the teacher receives a blue release form from the office.

School Outfits

Children who dress for success do better in school.  Click on the Dress Code link below for Lanai’s guidelines.  Children are strongly encouraged to wear Lanai Spirit wear clothing.  On Fridays, students are especially encouraged to join the school staff and wear their Lanai Road School T-shirts.  On select Fridays, students are invited to participate in Student Council sponsored theme days. DRESS CODE  Spirit Wear Order Form

Personal Property

The school district does not provide insurance for loss or damage to the personal property of students. Please do not allow your children to bring valuable items or large sums of money to school.


We encourage you to visit the school at any time. You must come to the office first for a Visitor’s Pass and receive approval from the principal to visit any classroom or enter campus every time you enter. Approved classroom visits are generally limited to twenty minutes. Visitations will not be approved if the administrator in charge deems the time or nature of the visit to be contrary to the instructional continuity and/or safety needs of the school. Visits to special education classrooms require 24-hour pre-approval by the assistant principal.

Zero Tolerance Policy

The Education Code specifies that possession, sale or furnishing of any knife, explosive or other dangerous object is grounds for suspension and/or expulsion.