Music at Lanai Road is an integral part of our student’s complete learning experience. We have two general music teachers: Nicole Rivera, who is funded by Friends of Lanai Booster, and Dorothy Caimano, who is provided by LAUSD. Ms. Caimano is at Lanai one day a week and teaches seven classes. Ms. Rivera teaches the remaining twelve classes.


Each student receives one half hour a week of music instruction. Our curriculum includes note reading, rhythm skills, instrumentation, movement, and performance. We work toward two all-school performances each school year. We have a Winter Program in December where each class in the school performs. In the Spring, we have another all-school program where we feature our recorder presentation. Every student in grades 1 through 5 receives instruction on a recorder. Recorders are provided for our students by Friends of Lanai Booster. A student’s recorder follows him from grade to grade. When a student culminates in fifth grade, they can keep their recorder. We have found that the recorder program has been very successful in teaching students the techniques of playing and the care of an instrument. Our students are able to read music, memorize music, and perform on their recorders.


The kindergarten music program is slightly different than that for the rest of the school. Each class gets formal instruction one half hour each week from either Ms. Rivera or Ms. Caimano. The program strongly emphasizes rhythm, instrumentation with classroom percussion instruments, and movement. Our kindergarten has many opportunities to perform during the year. We try to integrate the music program with the instructional program to maximize these opportunities. Students in kindergarten perform for Halloween, Thanksgiving, President’s Day and kindergarten culmination as well as our all school programs in December and in the Spring.


Our school has two after-school Choral groups and an after-school Orchestra Program. Please see their respective pages in the after-school section of the website.