Lanai Weekly: August 27 - 30, 2018

Principal’s Message:

Dear Parents,

Tem dende, tem dende!  Got good energy, got good energy!  That’s the call and response music lesson our first and fourth graders experienced on Tuesday! On Wednesday and Friday our kinders, second, third, and fifth graders learned about levels of sound from “piano to crescendo”; soft to loud!   Our students sang and learned music vocabulary while using body and hand movements during the lessons. More good energy as our students were excited for P.E. with Coach! Our first graders were busy learning “Switch and King of the Hill” which is a quick moving game.  Watch out! 1,2,3 Switch! Move fast or lose your spot! So much energy!

Do you know all the school rules about being safe, responsible and respectful?  Ask a kindergartner to fill you in! Do you remember the difference between common and proper nouns?  Just ask a first grader! Do you remember how rocks and minerals are classified? Just ask a second grader about what’s going on in Science.    Can you come up with other names for common tools? Ask a third grader about the book Frindle.   Can you demonstrate how numbers are ten times larger as you move to the left on the place value chart?  Ask a fourth grader to explain. How do good readers apply their knowledge of “close reading” to a variety of texts?  Ask a fifth grader how good readers apply literacy skills in science and social studies! Lot’s of great learning going on in our classrooms! Lot’s of great energy!  

Looking forward to seeing you at Back to School Nights!

Tem dende!

Lisa Elan

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