Lanai Weekly: April 22 - 26, 2019

Principal’s Message:

Dear Parents,

I hope you enjoyed Spring Break and had some wonderful time with your family and friends. As with all good things, we can’t wait for the break to come, and then it’s here and gone in the blink of an eye!

I know today you’re preparing your children to come back to school:  packing lunches, finding backpacks, and looking for “that paper with the note on it”!  Please, also as you are thinking about your “work-week,” plan your drive and student drop-off as well.   Drive carefully, follow all driving rules, don’t use your cellphone, and pay attention.  The Thursday before break we had a potentially dangerous incident in the drop-off line.  An SUV was driving very fast and missed the curve.  It could have hit the two volunteers who were standing there as well as any child who was around.  The car drove on, dropped off his/her children and we don’t know who it was.  But please, I implore you—drive carefully, slowly, safely, and with complete attention to the road.  

I’m looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow and hearing from your children the fun things they did. Whether it was a trip to the library or around the world, sharing time with your family is the BEST!


Lisa Elan