Lanai Weekly: April 17 - 21, 2017

Principal’s Message

Dear Families,

As I walked through school this week our students were busy immersed in great learning and wonderful enrichment.  The kindergartners, as well as other grades learned about respecting, helping and understanding what Autism is and ways that we can have positive relationships with all our classmates.  The first-grade Science included a visit to the garden and checked on the status of their corn, bean, and squash plants.  Additionally, they acted out a Native American folktale entitled, “The Three Sisters”.  Ask your first grader how the plants (sisters) help each other to grow.  Second graders were busy practicing spelling words and breaking them into syllables.  I also had a few second-grade visitors come and read to me—super fun and super readers!  The third grade is busy researching Native Americans and organizing their reports using notes on the different tribes.  The fourth graders in one class were looking at a photograph and an article from NEWSELA about “The Charging Bull and Fearless Girl” sculpture in New York. Other fourth graders in math were graphing coordinate points, while a third class was immersed in illustrating their personal “Wanted” posters.  Watch out—many carry a hefty bounty!  Finally, the fifth graders were discussing their journal entries on The Giver.  They shared how they would feel if they lived in a “world of sameness.”  Most agreed that it could be considered a dystopia.  Luckily, our world is very different.

Wishing all our families a wonderful Spring holiday filled with goodness, family and friends.


Lisa Elan



WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19                                                                                        All Parents Team Meeting/Coffee with the Principal @ 8:30 in Family Center          TK/Kindergarten Field Trip to Underwood Farms                                         McDonald’s Fundraiser Night  4:30 - 7:30 pm

THURSDAY, APRIL 20                                                                                       Spring Concerts 8:45 and 1:00 pm (Grades 1-4 only)

FRIDAY, APRIL 21                                                                                          Morning Laps Awards                                                                                     School Tour at 8:45


April 22                   TLC event: Spring tea event for homeless seniors at Hope                                    Gardens

April 24 - May 5      3rd Grade SBAC Testing Window

April 25                   Volunteer Tea from 11:30 - 1:30

April 26-28             4th Grade Cimi Camp

April 27                   ELAC Meeting at 8:30

April 28                   Lanai Leader submissions due

April 28                   Recycled Art Contest

April 28                   Student Council Spirit Day - Crazy Hair Day!

April 28                   SSC Meeting at 1:30 pm

May 1                       5th Grade Panoramic Photo

May 1 - 5                 Teacher Appreciation Week

May 2                       Israeli Culture Day

May 3                       Character Day - Citizenship: Wear Purple!

May 4                       Lunch with the Principal

May 4                       Laps 4 Lanai - Grades 3 - 5

May 5                       Laps 4 Lanai - Grades K - 2

May 8-19                   4th Grade SBAC Testing Window, Rooms 13 & 20

May 14                      Mother’s Day

May 15                      CPK Fundraiser (all day with staff participating from 5 to                                  7:30pm)

May 17 - June 2        5th Grade SBAC Testing Window, Rooms 12, 21, 28


LAPS 4 LANAI - Congratulations to all of the students on a tremendous fundraising effort for LAPS 4 LANAI!!  We are still finalizing numbers, but we are thrilled to announce the class and individual fundraising winners the week after spring break.  And, stay tuned for an exciting incentive for the students for all of their hard work!

SPRING CONCERTS - The first to fourth grade students have been working hard with music teacher Ms. Rivera and are very eager to perform for all of the parents! There will be 2 performances, one at 8:45am and another at 1:00pm - both exactly the same. Please choose to attend just one.

SPRING TEA EVENT FOR HOMELESS SENIORS - Team Lanai Cares (TLC) is hosting a Spring Tea event benefiting the seniors of a local homeless shelter on Saturday, April 22 from 1:30 to 3:00 pm. If your child or whole family would like to attend, donate or even perform for the seniors, please email Zoila Margules at or Jody Chow at

WANTED: PARENT WORKSHOP SUGGESTIONS - Is there a certain family, school or parenting topic that you would like some more information on? We’d love some ideas for our May workshop and are asking parents what they would like see presented. Please email with your suggestions.

Have you moved? LAUSD policy states you have 30 days to notify the office or forfeit your right to a continuing enrollment permit. Please bring your new address information to the office if you have moved.