Lanai Weekly: April 24-28, 2017

Principal’s Message:

Dear Families,

This was the week for awesome presentations!  We had our Lanai Lions Chorale Group perform two songs as well as our first, second, third, and fourth graders perform in our annual Spring Concert! It was filled with fun, hip and good, old rock and roll music!   In addition, Mrs. Besser (really Dr.  Besser), was among 20 other Northwest teacher candidates from nearby schools who were selected as Teacher of the Year.  Mrs.  Besser along with Mrs.  Elan attended a lovely evening dedicated to celebrating the dedication and efforts of local teachers.  She received a beautiful plaque, commendations, and a cart full of classroom supplies (yes!)!  Congratulations Mrs. Besser!  

Our first graders are learning about Habitats and I visited a class with students sharing their dioramas and reports about ocean and jungle habitats.  They even shared the continents where these habitats are found as well as that the Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean on Earth!  After each child’s report, classmates asked questions and made positive comments about the presentation.  Way to go First graders!  In addition, our Fifth graders are busy introducing famous people from the American Revolution to all our students through their living museum presentations.  They researched and wrote reports about their famous person and then dressed in period costume and presented themselves, as the famous person.  So far, students have shared the life of Thomas Paine, Alexander Hamilton, Marquis de Lafayette, Benedict Arnold, Paul Revere, Mercy Otis Warren, and Roger Sherman.  It is wonderful seeing our students shine and share their research and learning in such a creative forum—I can’t wait to meet more faces from the past, brought to life through our vibrant students!

Finally, Monday begins SBAC testing for third graders.  Please make sure your child arrives well-rested, on time and has eaten a healthy breakfast so that he/she will be ready for the test.  Remind him/her to take his/her time, read the questions carefully, review their answers, and do their best.  Should your child be ill, please do not send him/her to school, there are make-up days built into our schedule.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


Lisa Elan

MONDAY, APRIL 24                                                                                           3rd Grade SBAC testing window begins                                                        Morning Laps Awards

TUESDAY, APRIL 25                                                                                  Volunteer Tea - 11:30 to 1:30 in Dakarmen Girl’s Auditorium

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26                                                                                      4th Grade Cimi Camp

THURSDAY, APRIL 27                                                                                          4th Grade goes to Cimi Camp                                                                           ELAC Meeting at 8:30

FRIDAY, APRIL 28                                                                                         Student Council Spirit Day - Crazy Hair Day!                                                      4th Grade returns from Cimi Camp                                                            Recycled Art Contest in the Auditorium                                                             SSC Meeting at 1:30 pm                                                                                   Lanai Leader articles due


May 1 - 5      Teacher Appreciation Week

May 1            5th Grade Panoramic Photo

May 2            Israeli Culture Day - wear white tops and blue bottoms!

May 3            Character Day - Citizenship: Wear Purple!

May 4            Lunch with the Principal

May 4            Laps 4 Lanai - Grades 3 - 5, 5th @ 8:30, 4th @ 9:30 and 3rd @ 11

May 5            Laps 4 Lanai - Grades K - 2, K @ 8:30, 1st @ 9:30, 2nd @ 11

May 6            Spring Movie Night on upper yard - doors open at 6:45 pm

May 8-19        4th Grade SBAC Testing Window, Rooms 13 & 20

May 8             5th Grade Trip to Pali Camp (returning May 10)

May 8             4th Grade SBAC Testing Window, Rooms 13 & 20

May 11             Incoming Family Meet & Greet - 7 to 8pm (off-site)

May 12            Principal Awards

May 14            Mother’s Day

May 15            CPK Restaurant Fundraiser (all day with staff participating from 5 to 7:30 pm)

May 17 - June 2        5th Grade SBAC Testing Window, Rooms 12, 21, 28

May 17            All Parent Team Meeting/Coffee with the Principal @ 8:30

May 18            ELAC Meeting @ 8:30, Parent Center

May 18            SEEDS Musical Theater Performance, “Lanai Lessons”, 3rd & 4th @ 6:30pm

May 19            SSC Meeting @ 1:30, Parent Center

May 19            Incoming Kinder Play Date in Room 2, 3 - 4:15 pm

May 19            SEEDS Musical Theater Performance, “Leavin’ Lanai”, 5th Grade @    6:30 pm

May 20            SEEDS Musical Theater Performance, 3rd Grade @ 11am, 4th & 5th Grade @ 2pm


Laps 4 Lanai - Congratulations to all of our students for rocking the Laps 4 Lanai pledge drive! They did an amazing job! Now…onto the fun and  fitness part! Parents are encouraged to come and cheer on the students while they run. Here are the classroom schedules:  Thursday, May 4th: 5th grade: 8:30-9:15, 4th grade: 9:30-10:15, 3rd grade: 11:00-11:45. Friday, May 5th: Kindergarten: 8:30-9:15,  1st grade: 9:30-10:15,  2nd grade: 11:00-11:45

Lanai Leader Submissions - The Next issue of the Lanai Leader is coming up!  The deadline to submit articles is Friday, 04/28. The theme for student submissions for the May issue is” The best thing that happened to me in Lanai this year is...”. Students are invited to write one sentence or more.  If anyone has any other article ideas or articles that may be late, or if you're simply interested in writing for the Leader but need a topic, please email Sharon Benzvi at

Party Books are still available! Wasn't able to attend the Lanai's Vegas Nights Gala? Forgot to check the online auction before it closed? Lady Luck is on your side! Party books are still available for all grade levels, moms and parents!  We've got everything from scavenger hunts, sports and video games to baking and cupcake wars! Moms can sign up for a Hip Hop Funk class  or Yoga and Mimosas and for the couples who like to do things together, we've got a Cocktail Class, Margaritas, a Night at the Roxy and more! See Parent Square for a complete list.

 Spring Movie Night - Lanai PTA presents Spring Movie Night sponsored by Camp Keystone Saturday, May 6th at Sundown (approximately 7:40 p.m.)  Doors open at 6:45 p.m.  Food & Treats will be sold.  Students will vote on the movie through our recycling program.