Lanai Weekly: March 27 - 31, 2017

Principal’s Message

Dear Families,

First Grade was certainly first rate this week! They were busy working in the garden finding all kinds of creepy crawlies (mostly worms) during Science. This weekend,  explore your backyard with your child - there’s a whole world of insects and bugs in the space of 3 feet! First Graders were also busy in Computers dragging and dropping Clipart into documents that support word processing and reading. In Math the buzz word is REGROUPING not carrying! Your student was adding two digit numbers and regrouping to find the sum. First graders were also using number lines to count forward and back by ten. In one class a teacher asked, “How do you know that 30-30 is 0?” A student answered, “Well, we can take off the zeros and 3-3 is 0.” Another showed 30 on the number line and then counted backwards. Our First Graders are certainly engaged in Common Core thinking using multiple ways to solve problems!

Today, many of our Fourth and Fifth Graders were solid gold as they participated in the Go for the Gold Run! For the past eight weeks on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, these students trained for today’s mile run. Many achieved their personal best time and then received Go for the Gold Awards. Congratulations to all those who made the commitment of making their bodies the healthiest and strongest they can be! A big thank you to Coach PJ and the many parent volunteers who helped organize this run as well as our “Morning Laps Crew!”

Finally, if you “See Something, Say Something”. Those are words you need to be reminding your children about in terms of safety at school, home, and anywhere. Sometimes children may see or hear something at school and not take it seriously. We need to emphasize to them that if it doesn’t seem “right,” tell an adult at school or home so that we can find out and help all involved. In addition, remind your child that we don’t allow “play fighting” at school. Certainly we don’t allow weapons of any kind, as well as toys that resemble weapons on campus. Discuss with your child that they are never allowed to leave school without you or an authorized adult. Check with the office to make sure that you have updated emergency contact information—phone numbers and/or the names of persons to whom we may release your child.

Enjoy the first weekend of spring!


Lisa Elan


Israeli Culture Day - Planning Meeting 8:30 am


Last Day to bid online for the Vegas Nights Post Gala Auction




Cesar Chavez Day - No School!


April 3 - Laps For Lanai Pledge Drive Ends

April 3 - SBAC Testing Informational Meeting

April 6 - 5th Grade Panoramic Picture

April 6 - Parent Workshop - Video Games and Kids

April 7 - Principal’s Awards and Lunch w/ the Principal

April 7 - Lexia Awards at Assembly

April 7 - Autism Awareness Day - Light It Up Blue!

April 7 - Principal’s Award

April 7 - Minimum Day, dismissal at 1:00 pm

April 10- 14 Spring Break!

April 19 - All Parents Team Lanai Meeting & Coffee w/ the Principal in Family Center

April 19 - McDonald’s Fundraiser Night - 4:30 - 7:30 pm

April 19 - Underwood Farms Field Trip - Kindergarten

April 20 - Spring Concert @ 8:45 am and 1:00 pm

April 25 - Volunteer Tea

April 26-28 - Cimi Camp


VEGAS NIGHTS POST AUCTION IS STILL OPEN! The post event online auction is still open for bidding.  Spots remain for select party books and there are some great other items up for auction.  Bidding closes on March 28th at 9:00 a.m.  Put your bid in today!

THE LAPS 4 LANAI PLEDGE DRIVE IS IN FULL EFFECT!  Don't forget to hand in your sponsorship form. All donations are due by next Monday, April 3rd.

SBAC TESTING PARENT INFORMATION MEETING - All students in Grades 3 - 5 will be participating in SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) which takes place between April 23 - June 2. This meeting is to inform the parents on what the SBAC is, what it measures and what preparations the students can make prior to testing.  Please RSVP to Refreshments will be served.

PARENT WORKSHOP - Video Games and Kids - What You Need To Know          This presentation is about familiarizing yourself with video game content and ratings so that you can make informed decisions about what to let them play with recommendations of the best games for kids in 5th Grade and below.  In the Parent Center on Thursday, April 6 at 8:30 AM.  Please RSVP to Refreshments will be served.

MISSING A JACKET OR LUNCH BOX?  Our Lost and Found is OVERFLOWING with items that may belong to your child!  Please take a moment to check the ramp for lost jackets and the carts by the Kinder yard for lunch boxes. Unclaimed items will be donated during Spring Break.

WANTED:  A few volunteers to take home a bag of Lost and Found items on Friday, April 7,  launder them and drop them off at the donation center in Van Nuys anytime during Spring Break. Please email for more information.