Lanai Weekly: October 9 - 13, 2017

Principal's Message:

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the cooler days of fall and all that it brings…leaves turn color, soccer and football season, hot soup with dinner, pumpkin muffins for dessert, and homework!  Sometimes it feels like lots of homework!  I have heard from parents that they feel there is too much homework each night and their children are spending way too long completing it.  The purpose of homework is to reinforce student learning.  Other times, a teacher may assign homework in advance of a lesson to prepare students for a future lesson.  Please know there are guidelines set forth from LAUSD that provide homework limits.  The times are as follows:  Kindergarten - 10 minutes; First and Second grades - 20 minutes; Third grade - 30 minutes; Fourth grade - 40 minutes; and Fifth grade -  50 minutes.  Those times do not include daily reading practice.  

If your child spends too much time, any night on homework, please send a note to your child’s teacher and let him or her know.  Your child will not be penalized for not completing it, with your note.   If this becomes a pattern, please discuss it with your child’s teacher as the workload may need to be amended.  

The time families spend together should be filled with discussions about their day and playful moments together.  Homework should not be tearful, argumentative, or endless.  If that is happening, please see your child’s teacher.

Wishing you a “breezy weekend”!

Lisa Elan

Monday, October 9

Lexia Awards at Morning Assembly

Spooktacular ticket sales all week in front of the school

8th Annual Halloween Costume Drive continues


Tuesday, October 10

The Hut is open


Wednesday, October 11

Character Assembly Day - Respect - Wear Yellow


Thursday, October 12 & Friday, October 13

No Events


Sunday, October 15

Spooktacular Carnival Day!


October 16          Harvest of the Month - Figs

October 18          Diwali Event at Morning Assembly

October 18          All Parents Team Meeting & Coffee With The Principal at 8:30

October 20          School tour for incoming families 8:45

October 20          Lanai Leader Articles are due

October 25          Parent Presentation in Parent Center: The Pre-Adolescent Brain

October 27          Science Explosion Day

October 27          School Site Council (SSC) Meeting

October 27       Student Council Spirit Day - Wear Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

October 31          Halloween Parade


SpOoktacular Is Sunday, October 15! Get ready for a hauntingly good time at our SpOoktacular Halloween Carnival on Sunday, October 15th from 11am to 4pm.  Discounted Ticket Sales will be going on all week before and after school be sure to get yours early because prices go up the day of the carnival. As a reminder, parents are required to volunteer for this event, 2 hrs per child attending the school. Please sign up through Parent Square.  Your kids will love seeing you work the booths!

Spook Prizes Needed! You know how one man's trash is another man's treasure? Well, we definitely do not want your trash, but if you have unwanted treasure lingering in a gifting cupboard, toys/video games/books/clothes/bags you don't want/need/can re-gift (go on, we all do!!) the Spooktacular prizes team would love to have donations for "one of a kind" prizes - only new/unused items please!  Feel free to drop them off in the office or contact one of us listed below and we will arrange collection. Many thanks and see you at Spook!! Kira Lewis,  Michelle Ruggier and Neha Datar

Thank you to those who have joined the PTA!  We will be picking up the last of the forms on Monday, October 9.  Here are the current classroom standings:

Prentice 360%, Penuela 279%,  Altman 239%,  Colon 233%,  Verdin 230%,  Fulford 229%,  Lavenstein 189%,  Rodriguez 186%,  Besser 186%,  Motadoni 167%,  Kim 160%, Bryan 160%,  Hughes 139% Manolos 136%,  Alas 135%,  Bell 131%,  Stephans 126%,  Royal 123%,  Snyder 110%,  Mufaletto 108%, Tew 103%,  Miller 41%

Our 8th Annual Halloween Costume Drive now happening! Don’t throw away your old costume, donate it!  There will be a donation bin outside of the office beginning Monday, October 9. All proceeds will be given to a local homeless shelter for kids who cannot afford to buy their own.

The PreAdolescent Brain - October 25 at 8:30 in the Parent Center, room 3.  A free parent presentation given by Dr. Catherine Hegarty with the UCLA Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior. Please RSVP at Refreshments will be served.

Want to know what your child is learning in Computer Lab this week?  Click on the Planet Bravo Link -  The link is also available on the Lanai website under Enrichment/Computer (Planet Bravo)

Get ready to kick off our first Fall Harvest with figs!  Figs are an easily transportable and delicious fruit with many health benefits including fiber and potassium. Taste one at this October's Harvest of the Month and you'll be hooked.

Friday Library Volunteers Needed!  The Library is in need of some more volunteers to help re-shelf books and organize the library every Friday.Please contact Nicole Darway (310)601-6953 or for more information.

PTA's Reflections National Art Contest is still taking submissions!  The theme for 2017-2018 is "Within Reach." Submit an original work in one of the following categories: Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography or Visual Arts. Pick up your entry forms in the office, or at All entries are due to the office by Friday October 27th. For more details, contact or

Lip Balm - Due to the dry weather, many students are coming to the nurse for lip balm/Chapstick. We can provide some vaseline from a jar but we would prefer if students who are regular users of lip balm to provide their own for sanitary reasons.

The September issue of The Lanai Leader is now live!  Please click on the below link to read the September color issue online. Paper copies will be sent home in your child's backpack shortly.

Community Events

Understanding Your Child’s Emotional Language - A free parent presentation at Portola Middle School - 18720 Linnet St. Tarzana on October 20 from 8:30 to 9:30 in Room 106A.