Lanai Weekly: May 9, 2016

Principal’s Message:

Greetings Parents,

It is an honor and a blessing to serve the students of Lanai.  Thank you for all the cards, flowers, and other gestures of your appreciation.  The teachers and staff loved the breakfast bar and delicious and thoughtful luncheon.  There is nothing more rewarding for teachers and staff then to see our students grow and achieve.

Mr. Hansen

THIS WEEK - May 9 - May 13

5th Grade trip to Pali Camp

Emergency Drill


5th Grade trip to Pali Camp untill May 11


Parenting Workshop - 8:30, Parent Center “Understanding Your Child’s Emotional Language” See below

Orchestra Concert - 5:30, Dakarmen Girls Auditorium (3:45 Rehearsal)

New Incoming Family Meet and Greet - 7:00, off-campus, see below for details


School Wide Positive Behavior Support Team, 12:20

FRIDAY, May 13

Time to Dance Assembly


May 17 - Leader Distribution

May 18 - Team Lanai Meeting,  8:30, Parent Center, Everyone Welcome!

May 19 - ELAC Meeting, 8:30, Parent Center

May 19 - SSC Meeting, 1:30, Parent Center

May 20 - School Tour, 8:45, Parent Center

May 20 - Theater Performance - “LIGHTS UP LANAI” 6:30 p.m

May 20 - 5th Grade Plays in Progress, see schedule below

May 21 - Theater Performance - “LIGHTS UP LANAI” 1:00 p.m.

May 23 - First Grade Dance Demonstrations, see below

May 23 - Coffee with the Principal, 8:30, Parent Center

May 23 - Morning Laps Awards

May 24 - Open House, 5:00-6:00 - Food & Spirit Wear Sales, 6:00-7:00 - Classrooms Open

May 25 - 4th Grade Field Trip

May 26 - Kindergarten Theater Demonstration, see below

Aug 16 - FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, 2016-2017 School year


PARENTING WORKSHOP ON MAY 10TH! - “Understanding Your Child's Emotional Language”, 8:30, Parent Center.  This free workshop is an inspirational and interactive event for parents desiring to raise the bar on their parenting skills. Parents will learn: How to set emotional boundaries, how to clean up emotional clutter, and how to improve emotional intelligence.  Presented by Yvonne Brooks. RSVP to Lisa Reeve,

PLEASE JOIN US FOR THE SPRING ORCHESTRA CONCERT - Lanai’s String Orchestra Concert will be on Tuesday, May 10th at the Dakarmen auditorium. The rehearsal time has changed to 3:45pm and the concert is at 5:30pm.  

ATTENTION NEW INCOMING PARENTS! - All new incoming families for 2016-2017 are welcome to attend an off-campus Meet and Greet wine and cheese event on May 10 at 7:00pm. If you are interested and live in the district please email Ali Perdigao at for the address.

LOOKING FOR A VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY AT LANAI? - Consider becoming the Yearbook chairman. Please email Mary Mirolla at for details or to volunteer.  Thanks!


LIGHTS UP LANAI -  After school musical performances are Friday, May 20 at 6:30 p.m. and Saturday May 21 at 1:00. Performances in the Dakarman Girls Auditorium.  Tickets are $4 at the door.

5TH GRADE PLAYS IN PROGRESS - Friday, May 20th, Dakarmen Girls Auditorium.  9:00-10:30 - Firestorms, Super TTC, Manly Marmots, Defiers, Super Wips, Wonder Girls

1:00-2:30 - Bam Clash, Avengers, Junior Justice League, Thunder Cats Golden Capes.  

Please check with your student to verify which performance group they are in, or check the online newsletter for the  complete list (also posted near the front office).  

FIRST GRADE DANCE DEMO - Monday May 23, Dakarmen girls auditorium. Class schedules:

9:00-9:20   Miss  Penuela

10:10-10:30  Mrs. Altman

11:40-12:00  Ms. Verdin

1:30-1:50 - Ms. Rodriguez

KINDER THEATER DEMO - Thursday May 26, Dakarmen Girls Auditorium, Class schedules:

Mrs. Royal - 8:45-9:10

Mrs. Mayberry - 9:40-10:00

Mrs. Manolos - 11:25:11:45

Mrs. Hughes - 1:20-1:40

NEW PARENTING TOOL KITS AVAILABLE IN THE PARENT CENTER - Need Parenting help?  Stop by the Parent Center for information on a variety of subjects including: Social and Emotional Learning, ADHD, Helping Your Child with Homework, Proactive Parenting, Special Education and much more!

SEEDS AFTER SCHOOL ENRICHMENT IS OPEN FOR SUMMER! - Seeds Summer Camp and Summer Bridge enrollment is now available online now.  See the Lanai website for all the details!

Summer Bridge runs from June 14th-July 8th. Click on the Summer Bridge tab to see our line up of teachers.

YES Enrichment classes include: Summer Basketball Camp, Summer Art with Mrs. Murray, Theater Camp with Mr. Winnick, Theater Training with Mr. Winnick and TGA Tennis at Lanai.  

Summertime Daycare - SEEDS will be open at Lanai from June 13th-July 8th.  The campus will be open daily from 8:00-5:30.  The cost is $40.00 a day and you can register online.  

LOST AND FOUND - It’s filling up again!  Please stop by and check for jackets, water bottles and lunch boxes.  It’s faster than another trip to Target for a new one!

Have you moved? LAUSD policy states you have 30 days to notify the office or forfeit your right to a continuing enrollment permit. Please bring your new address information to the office if you have moved.