This program has been designed to enhance themed units of study throughout the year presented in Treasures. Its “events” are also designed to integrate lessons in science, social studies, math and environmentalism through hands-on garden experiences that connect learning to life and life to learning, opening students up to the possibilities in the larger world around them and their role in it.
This program is brought to your children through your PTA and funded by the generous donations from you and our community through FOLB fundraising activities throughout the year. Just another way your participation enhances education!

What's Growing This Year

Butterfly Lab & Habitat Garden returns! All grade levels will have an opportunity to “grow” butterflies from larva to adult stage in their classrooms and then place them into the Butterfly Towers to watch the life cycle begin again!

Coming in April!

WORMS! Lanai’s Worm Farm is coming! All grade levels will learn about the environmental value of waste management/recycling and its benefit to our garden and the world!

Towers open in May.Second Graders become archeologists in our FOSSIL DIG in the School Garden! A trained archeologist explains the science and technique behind uncovering the ancient finds at our “site”! Our little scientists then participate in a real dig uncovering remnants of another time while entering and graphing their finds in their journals.

Word Garden returns! All grade levels will discuss and develop a list of words relating to an area of study. These words will be painted on their own flower pinwheel which the class “plants” into the Word Garden. Samples of their writing will also be on display this spring.

Visit the KINDER FARM! Kinder students are introduced to gardening concepts through seed germination, seed spread (Wind), creating habitats (homes) all the way to becoming organic farmers.