Corporate Donors


As you may know, Lanai Road Elementary is consistently recognized as one of Los Angeles Unified School District’s top elementary schools in terms of educational programming and student achievement. The families and administration at Lanai know that the effective and successful education of the community’s children is dependent on sustained financial support from community business sponsors and school families. Friends of Lanai Booster raises funds for Lanai from family contributions, the business community and grants to enrich the educational experience of the children at Lanai.

We appreciate that you are interested in supporting the education of the community’s children by becoming a part of our sponsorship team. We have many options for businesses to participate by making cash donations and/or providing in-kind goods and services. Our families acknowledge our sponsors by advocating for and patronizing them. Lanai sponsors are given exposure to the school and local community in a multitude of ways, including outdoor, campus and event signage, recognition in our school newsletter and articles, website links, and more. Your contribution is incredibly valuable to our children. Your support allows us to offset severe federal and state budget cuts that have stripped us of many items required for a quality education. Specifically, your contribution will fund:

• New Textbooks, Library Books, and Classroom Supplies • Science Supplies, Science Lab, and a credentialed Science Instructor • New computers, Computer Lab and a credentialed Instructor • Art instruction, Music Teacher, and an Orchestra Program • Playground and Sports Equipment and a Physical Education Instructor • A Registered Nurse and Teaching Assistants

We appreciate your interest and look forward to working with you to find the program that best fits your giving plans.