Lanai Weekly: May 22-26, 2017

Dear Families,

What’s the letter of the day?  What’s the countdown till summer?   Just ask the Kindergartners!  Monday was “H” for hat day—so I fit right in; Tuesday “I” for ice cream, very yummy; Wednesday “J” for jokes—What did the witch put on her bagel—scream cheese!  Thursday, “K” for Kindness and Kooky hair; and Friday “L” for luau—I guess summer vacation is on everyone’s mind!  

What’s 4 boxes of 10 crayons each?  How do we solve that problem?  Can it be drawn?  Can we count by 10’s?  Can we  group the numbers?  Are there multiple entry points to that question?  Ask your first grader how they solved that problem.  Definitely high level thinking for our first graders.  As an extension, you might ask your child how much money does he/she need if each box costs 20 cents…25 cents…one dollar….

What’s the musical instrument family of the week?  Just ask the second and third graders!  They are studying the violinist, Niccolo Paganini, who took the world by storm with his amazing dexterity and sting-popping virtuosos in the 1800’s.  Ask them about other interesting facts regarding Paganini and how he garnered so much attention.  Your child may also be able to share with you some other members in the “string” family and their choice of style preference.  

What’s a community to do?  How should they build a park that meets the needs of current families and still make sure that the elements of the park are safe?  What considerations need to be addressed regarding lighting, soil amendments and recreation structures?  Should the history of the community be memorialized?  Ask your fourth grader to explain the Interdisciplinary Unit of Study in which they are incorporating Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts.  

What is a One Person Play?  A monologue?  A narrative?  What ways can a storyteller use space, their body, intonation, and props to help the audience experience the event?  Our fifth graders wrote, rehearsed and performed their own story in theater using their own experience.  Ski school, cell phones, a new puppy, moving, a cluttered kitchen, and meeting a movie star were just some of the plays they wrote about.  I know our fifth graders are confident and well-prepared to make any presentation middle school asks!

What’s on your agenda for entertainment?  If you want to see two great shows, please come and enjoy great Musical Theater presented by our own talented Lanai students in Lanai Lessons and Leavin’ Lanai!  The final two shows will be on Saturday so please check our website for all the info!

What’s left?  Have a great weekend!

Lisa Elan

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Lanai Weekly: May 15 - 19, 2017

This has been an exciting week of hands-on Science learning at Lanai with lots of cool activities!  On Monday, our 5th graders headed off to Pali Camp and had a wonderful 3 days! One of the activities in which they participated was designing and building rockets out of plastic 1-liter bottles. Then, they launched and measured the height achieved before the rocket fell to the ground. Another inquiry-based activity in which they shared was designing a container or shell that enabled a balloon to withstand a 25-foot drop!  Splash!! Finally, the fifth graders engaged in physical, mental and social challenges with the support of their classmates as they went on different ropes, height, and balance courses.  They returned Wednesday afternoon with lots of fun experiences to share! ...

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Lanai Weekly: May 8 - 12, 2017

“I am a citizen of Lanai…because people care about each other…. because I have good friends….because I have a great buddy…because the staff cares about me…because I’ve been here for 6 years….” That’s what our Student Council representatives shared during the morning assembly on Wednesday as a kickoff to our final Character Assembly of this school year on Citizenship.  Throughout the day, classes came to the auditorium for a friendly game of Family Feud based on Citizenship. Ask your child, “What are students most likely to forget?” and “Who do you respect most?”. You’ll find great insight from our students!

Wednesday was also a beautiful day for our 4th and 5th graders to practice drumming during music class on the playground.  Drum, drum, drum, switch. Drum, drum, drum, switch. At the same time, another 5th grade class was learning tennis skills during P.E. The picturesque mountains and trees in the background made for an awesome morning: Citizenship, drumming, tennis-- a wonderful Wednesday morning!

“Laps for Lanai” walk/run on Thursday and Friday was a sea of blue success! Every grade participated and ran or walked to help support our school and keep our bodies healthy. Students were treated to popsicles, photos, foam fingers and fun! Thank you to all our students for their steps, our staff for their support, and our parent volunteers for all the work required to make this such a successful event! Other highlights this week include an Israeli Independence Day celebration which showcased music, dance, flags, and yummy foods! In addition this week, our third graders completed their SBAC tests. Yes!

Finally, parents please remind your child that students are not allowed to sell anything (erasers, pencils, candy, games, cards, etc.) to other students at school. We have some budding entrepreneurs but this is not allowed on school grounds. Also, there is a new, “fidget toy” called “finger-spinners.” Some students are claiming that finger-spinners are helpful to keep them focused in class. These finger-spinners are only permissible if approved by their teacher for classroom use only. They will be confiscated if used outside of the classroom.

Next week our fourth graders in rooms 13 and 20 will be taking their SBAC tests. Please make sure your child get is well-rested, on time, and has eaten a healthy breakfast. Remind your child that the test is untimed, thus he/she can take the time needed to do his/her best.

Hoping to see you at our Spring Movie Night on Saturday!

Lisa Elan

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Lanai Weekly: May 1 - 5, 2017

Dear Families,

What a full week at Lanai: Marathons, Testing, Catalina, Volunteers, Recycled Art!  We started off Monday morning with so many awesome runners earning their Morning Laps awards: marathons, double-marathons, 75 miles, 100 miles…and beyond!  

For our third graders, it was SBAC testing in English Language Arts.  Next week they’ll be working on the Math component.   Our third graders proved to be very comfortable accessing the testing platform and using the Chrome books.  Thank you for having your children well-rested, on time, and with full tummies!  

On Tuesday, our teachers and staff honored our fabulous volunteers at our Volunteer Tea!  The vast enrichment in the arts and depth of parent support through funding, events, classroom support, and lessons are unsurpassed; Lanai just wouldn’t be as awesome without them. The following volunteers were recognized for their contributions to our school: Volunteer of the Year Awards went to Elham Emrani, Katie Elinoff and Ali Perdigao. The Jeannie Kamm Leadership Award went to Julie Weinstein and President’s Volunteer Service Awards to Farnaz Simantob and Jennifer Wexler.

Our fourth graders set sail on Wednesday for Catalina and had an awesome time!  They snorkeled, hiked, kayaked, dissected a squid and studied the adaptations of fish, invertebrates and algae along the rocky reef of Catalina.  All good!  All fun!  All amazing!  

Today, Friday, our students displayed and presented their own recycled art and toured the entries in our annual Recycled Art Contest!  There were so many creative projects including a chandelier, a Jeep, a dinosaur, coffee maker,  Pac Man game,  jewelry, a pet adoption booth, bird feeder, a recycling student, a Memory Tree, the Eiffel Tower and even our Lanai Lion mascot wearing spirit wear!  So many clever, creative uses for common, everyday items—it’s DIY at Lanai!

Finally, please remember that if your child is injured and has a cast, sling, brace, bandage, etc. when he/she returns to school, a note is provided by your doctor permitting his/her re-admittance and includes any physical restrictions.  

Wishing you a great weekend!

Lisa Elan

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